Insider Trading at Solazyme Inc. (SZYM): CEO Jonathan Wolfson Unloads 35,000 Shares


Yesterday, Solazyme Inc. (NASDAQ:SZYM)’s Chief Executive Officer, Jonathan Wolfson, sold 35,000 shares of Common Stock, indirectly, via the Jonathan S. Wolfson Revocable Trust. The shares were sold at a price of $11.78 per share and following the sale, Wolfson remains the majority shareholder with over 2.5 million shares to his name.

This sale was the largest one executed in June on behalf of a company insider. Last week, General Counsel Paul Quinlan unloaded 6,000 shares of the $920 million market cap oil producer, for $11.99 per share. Other insider sales this month include Chief Technology Officer, Peter Lacari, who sold 7,000 shares at the low price of $10.71.

However, Q1 of 2014 also showed some new hedge fund positions at Solazyme, such as Guy Shahar’s hedge fund, Dsam Partners, which purchased 450,874 shares, worth $5.2 million, comprising 1.66% of the portfolio. Furthermore, John Burbank’s Passport Capital remains the strongest hedge fund position, with over 5.5 million company shares, worth $64 million.

Disclosure: none