Insider Trading at Stewart Information Services Corp (STC): Director Stewart Morris Jr. Sells Shares


On Friday, Stewart Morris Jr, Director of Stewart Information Services Corp (NYSE:STC), sold 12,000 of his company’s shares, directly, at a price of $32.25 per share. Although this isn’t the first sale completed by Morris – he had already sold 10,000 shares at $35.91 per share back in February 2014 – it certainly is the largest, leaving him with a current total of 73,142 remaining holdings in the firm.

However, despite the insider’s inclination to sell shares, many hedge funds remain at Stewart Information Services’ side, with over 500,000 shareholder position in most cases. Ken Griffin’s hedge fund, Citadel Investment Group, for one, holds 8 million company shares, with a worth of nearly $22 million. Matthew Lindenbaum’s Basswood Capital augmented the stock’s position in its portfolio by 4% this past quarter and now owns 656,336 shares for $23 million. But Zac Hirzel’s hedge fund, Hirzel Capital Management, showed the strongest position this quarter, with over 1 million company shares at a value of $36.2 million.

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