Phillip Md Et Al Frost, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Opko Health Inc. (NYSE:OPK), purchased 65,000 shares of Common Stock today, paying an average price of $8.64 per share. Similar to the CEO’s previous stock acquisitions, this purchase was executed through 27 smaller transactions, all of which were completed yesterday. Furthermore, Frost acquired all of the company shares indirectly, through the Frost Gamma Investments Trust, where Frost is the trustee. The Chairman of the $3.6 billion market cap biopharmaceutical firm has been consistently purchasing shares this past month, having bought 40,000 company shares on Tuesday.

Moreover, Opko Health remains a popular investment choice for hedge funds, and this quarter also showed some new shareholder positions, such as Sabby Capital, run by Hal Mintz, which acquired 831,237 shares, worth $7.7 million. The company also accounts for 9.23% of Kevin Tang’s Tang Capital Management’s portfolio, as the hedge fund owns 14 million shares, with a value of $19 million.

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