Insider William Appleton Sells 10,000 Share of the E.W. Scripps Company (SSP)


William Appleton, Senior Vice President and General Counsel at the E.W. Scripps Company (NYSE:SSP), sold 10,000 shares of Class A Common Shares, directly, for $21.00 per share. The sale was executed on Friday, and is Appleton’s second disposition this year, as he sold 8,870 shares of Common Stock in May, paying $20.00 per share. The Senior VP now holds a total of 87,857 company shares. The Senior Vice President of Newspapers, Timothy Stautberg, also executed a sale of 20,000 shares of Common Stock on Thursday, paying $20.98 per share. And earlier in May, Chief Administrative Officer, Lisa Knutson, unloaded 56,701 shares for $20.04 per share.

In terms of hedge fund positions at E.W. Scripps Company this quarter, there has been some movement of increased holding percentage in portfolios, as is the case with Manish Chopra’s hedge fund. Tiger Veda, which owns 643,600 shares, with a value of $11.4 million, augmented the firm’s portfolio participation by 186% this quarter, and the firm now accounts for an overall 3.89% of the portfolio.

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