Insiders at Solera Holdings (SLH) Continue to Sell Stock


Tony Aquila, CEO and President at Solera Holdings Inc. (NYSE:SLH), has once again sold his company shares today. After director Kenneth Viellieu’s reported stock sale of 11,101 shares at $66.2 on Tuesday, Aquila has followed up on the same trend and has consistently been selling his common stock this week. After selling 5,000 shares for $66.0 on Tuesday, the company President sold another 2,531 shares today. However, Aquila still owns over 305,000 company holdings.

Despite the CEO’s recent transactions, other hedge funds seem to be taking the opposite path, buying up solid amounts of Solera Holdings shares. Matthew Weatherbie, of Weatherbie Capital, for example, purchased 452,616 of the company’s shares, worth over $28 million (the shares account for 2.71% of his hedge fund portfolio). While Nine Chapters Capital Management’s Chao Ku holds 17,200 shares with over $1 million in value, Matthew Tewksbury‘s hedge fund, Stevens Capital Management purchased 33,664 company shares in Q1 of 2014. Thus, the newest hedge fund at the company now holds stock worth over $2 million.

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