Insiders Purchase at New Mountain Finance Corp.: Two Insiders Bought Stock


Alfred Hurley Jr., director of New Mountain Finance Corp. (NYSE:NMFC), purchased 6,970 of the company’s shares through two separate transactions yesterday and now owns a total of 23,112.87 shares, directly. Furthermore, the firm’s Chief Compliance Officer, Paula Bosco, acquired 623 shares at the same price, bringing her total company shares up to 13,897.13.

However, these insiders aren’t the only ones partaking in the company’s share purchases, as the last quarter showed. Steven B. Klinsky, from New Mountain Capital, buying 2,643,090 shares, with an approximate worth of $38.4 million. Cliff Asness, of Aqr Capital Management also holds 247,380 shares at a value of $3.59 million after increasing his ownership in the company by 11% this past quarter. On the other hand, some insiders, like Isreal Englander from Millennium Management and Matthew Hulsizer from Peak6 Capital Management, sold nearly 50% of their company shares, but still retain stock worth $650,000 and $595,000, respectively.

Disclosure: Melanie Erbar holds no position in any stocks or funds mentioned

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