Intel Corporation (INTC) Futurist Brian David Johnson Demonstrates 3D-Printed Open Source Jimmy Robot


Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) futurist Brian David Johnson introduced Jimmy, the 3D-printed robot the company has helped develop, in a recent interview on Bloomberg.

Bloomberg’s Cory Johnson remarked that the Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) futurist has been telling him all about Jimmy for a year now and that the robot is finally in the studio to be seen. Brian said that Jimmy is part of a 21st-century robot project the company has been working on. The robot, he added, is a 3D-printable open source robot which means that people can actually download all things relevant to the robot, 3D print his parts and build him using other Intel parts.

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The 2-foot-tall robot took two weeks to build from scratch with the help of a company called Trossen Robotics, Brian said. Furthermore, he said that people can actually design the look of their robot so it does not have to look like the one he demonstrated in the Bloomberg interview. Apart from deciding their own robot’s look, people can customize their machine by downloading apps which give their robots different capabilities.

According to Brian, one does not need a PHD or a deep understanding of robotics and artificial intelligence to get their robot up and running. What Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) is demonstrating in the robot they brought to the Bloomberg studio, Brian said, was a “minimum viable platform,” sort of like the basis for robots like this in terms of hardware. Aside from being simple in that it is powered by apps anyone can download, the new robot platform is said to debut an Intel Edison platform-based model later this year which will cost at a relatively low $1,600, the futurist added.

Furthermore, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) will release an app store for this robot platform later this year, the futurist added. This is as the company develops more of the software side of the platform.

Watch the video below where Jimmy was demonstrated. The company’s future plans of expansion were also touched on in the discussion.


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