Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC)’s shares have had a nice run as they are up almost 28% this year and up 48% over the past one year. Those gains have been achieved on the company’s consistent update about its progress in mobile chips, an area that it is still considered an underdog given its late entry.

Intel Microprocessors

However, the company recently revealed what may as well be its newest and best processor technology and manufacturing process. In a post on its website’s Newsroom, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) disclosed its newest microarchitecture based on its industry-leading 14nm manufacturing process.

It said the processor technology and the manufacturing process will serve a broad range of computing needs and even provide the products required to better drive mobile computing, Internet of Things and cloud.

Highlighting key points about the new microarchitecture and 14nm manufacturing process, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) further stated that the combination of the technologies will foster innovation in the new form factors, systems and experiences that are thinner, cooler and more silent. Furthermore, the company said its new processor technology and manufacturing process will offer high-performance and low-power capabilities.

Commenting on the new technologies, Intel’s vice president and general manager of product development, Rani Borkar, termed them “integrated model” that will help the company to satisfy the needs of its customers and consumers. He also reemphasized the fact that the technology has the ability to deliver better performance just as they consume less power.

He went on to say that the new micro-architecture technology goes beyond being a remarkable technical achievement, but also a demonstration of their outside-in approach to product design, one that matches the requirement of their customers.

Another Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) official also weighed in on the 14nm manufacturing process and stated that its accomplishment was as a result of their commitment to Moore’s law. Mark Bohr, a new fellow at Intel’s technology and manufacturing group and also director of process architecture and integration, said their 14nm is not only an industry-leading technology, but also delivers industry-leading performance, power and cost per transistor.

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