Interesting facts about Jupiter and Jupiter’s red spot


Besides being called ‘’King of Planets’’ because it is the biggest planet in our solar system, there are more interesting facts about  Jupiter and Jupiter’s red spot that you actually don’t need in your life, but are fun anyway.

The first thing you should know about Jupiter is its size. It has the radius of 70,000 kilometers and his overall mass makes it two and a half times heavier than all the planets in our solar system together. Because of its size, Jupiter takes 11,8 years according to our way of measuring the time to completely rotate around the sun, which makes it 10,8 years behind the Earth. But despite that, it has the shortest day of all planets, exactly 9 hours and 55 minutes. Its atmosphere is also massive, made mainly out of hydrogen, which makes it impossible for humans to live on it.

Another interesting fact that you never knew is that in also have the rings as Saturn. And not one, but three rings. If we’d compare the radius of Jupiter and the radius of Earth, we would see that 11 Earths could fit in the Jupiter, but the information that would definitely blow your mind is that if we would take the volume as the criteria, the conclusion would be that 1300 Earths fit inside Jupiter. Astonishing, right?

For more amazing facts, check out Insider Monkey’s article ‘’How many Earths can fit in Jupiter and Jupiter’s red spot’


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