Is It Dangerous to Drink Heavy Water?


Since it has different content and taste than the regular water, there were many debates since 1930, when it was discovered, whether is it dangerous to drink heavy water or not.

Heavy water is nothing like regular water. As regular water contains oxygen and two atoms of hydrogen, heavy water contains deuterium oxide (D2O) or heavy hydrogen. The difference between the hydrogen consisted in the regular water we use every day and the heavy hydrogen is that heavy hydrogen, unlike the regular one, contains a proton and a neutron.

Heavy water also has natural source, but its float smaller than the regular. On the other hand, tritiated water, that is also a type of heavy water, can’t be found in nature, but it contains the radioactive material. On the bright side, the heavy water that can be found in nature can’t be contagious or have any kind of radioactive substances. But although the liquid by itself isn’t poisoning or contagious in any sense, if you decide to try it out, you should definitely avoid bigger amounts, as the consequences can be deadly. And why is that? As our body is constructed to contain between 50% and 75% of water, depending on the age, gender etcetera, it is also constructed with exact molecules, that shouldn’t be replaced in order to organism’s regular function. After drinking 1 liter of heavy water, the one can feel sick for a while, but after a short time, that feel soon disappears like nothing ever happened. On the other hand, if you drink as much heavy water per a day like you would drink the regular one, you would replace a big part of your body liquid construction. Instead of regular hydrogen, you automatically inject in yourself double and heavier one, your whole system will be transformed completely and the consequences can be brutal and even lead to death.

So the answer to our previous question is: yes, it might be, depending on the amount of the water you consume. Even one glass is said to be strange and sometimes disgusting, but the consequences can be handled for a while. But few liters more could bring the sadness to your family as it is likely to be your last glass of liquid ever.

But as heavy water is used for other purposes, such as nuclear, bottles of it are actually very expensive. For only one liter, you will have to spend at least $779, while for 4 liters, you will give $2,890. It is quite a lot, but here are 7 facts about heavy water: products for sale is deuterium oxide safe to drink and other questions you should know about this natural phenomenon.