Teasing children about their crushes are people’s most addictive hobby. No one will ask a four-year-old if they got a new toy or whether they watched some new cartoon, but there is no person in the world that won’t approach to a child with the question: ‘’Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?’’ And the little ones are adorable while talking about their crush. Of course, as a parent, you have to capture each moment the two of them spend together.  But as soon as they turn 10, the whole crush thing doesn’t seem so cute and innocent and there is a bit of paranoia each time you hear your child talking about this subject. And why is that? Simply because of the puberty. After their 10th birthday, all children, especially females, become more self-aware and interested in sex and, until they get married, their parents are practically having a nervous breakdown each time they go outside without being supervised. But there is a question that many parents don’t ask, like ever: is it possible for girls under the age of 10 to get pregnant?

If they asked sometimes, they would realize that they shouldn’t start being afraid after their daughter’s 10th birthday. They should be afraid as soon as they give birth to their daughters. It is scientifically proven that the younger girls can get pregnant even before their first period. Also, there is a condition called precocious puberty. The most famous victim of this condition is Lina Medina, the five-year-old girl well-known worldwide for becoming the youngest mother ever at the age of 5. Fortunately for this young lady, she had supportive parents and doctor who delivered her baby, so she was able to play with her son, who was convinced that his mother is actually his older sister, until the age of 10. The doctor who delivered helped both Lina and her son get the proper education and get a job, after what Lina got married and had another baby. Unfortunately, we will never find out who the father of her baby was.

Fortunately for the other girls under the age of 10 who gave birth, although most of them were victims of rape, their rapists were soon caught and locked behind the bars. Some of them gave birth to stillborn, because of all the conditions they carried, but luckily, on the other hand, most of these cases, although conceived in most horrible ways, ended up with both mother and baby remaining alive and completely healthy.
So let’s see who are the 11 youngest birth mothers of all time and how did they get pregnant that young.