Whenever there is a new release of the Apple brand, it causes a lot of excitement. People anticipate the product’s release so much so that they line up in front of shops the night before to get their hands on the new products as soon as the shop opens. The source of this mass excitement is not just hype. There are very good reasons behind this, every time Apple brings a new product to the market it usually incorporates some innovations which leaves its competitors behind.

Although recently, Apple launched its newest flagship smartphones the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, already there are some rumors flowing in the market regarding the Apple iPhone 7. Rumors are rumors, but people are speculating about what kind of innovations might the next smartphone from Apple entail. These rumors range from a graphical interface change of iOS to a bendable iPhone display, which will provide some degree of elasticity and allegedly increase durability. The latter seems to be quite far fetched in my opinion.

However, there are some rumors which are based on actual patents that Apple have been working on. Seeing some of those manifesting themselves in the upcoming iPhone 7 is not impossible. In facet rumors based on these patents might actually become true. But what becomes of iPhone 7, only time can tell.

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