Jones Lang LaSalle Inc (JLL) Insiders Gain Position In Company By Purchasing Over 13,000 Combined Shares

Jones Lang LaSalle Inc (NYSE:JLL), saw four insiders alter their holdings with the company. CEO of EMEA Christian Ulbrich bought 2,401 shares at an average of $127.12 per share; President and CEO Colin Dyer gained 3,743 shares at an average price of $127.12 per share; Alastair Hughes, the CEO of Europe, picked up 5,279 shares at an average of $127.12 per share; while the CEO of Investment Management, Jeff A. Jacobson purchased 1,712 shares at an average of $127.12 per share.
Following these transactions, Ulbrich now has 21,847 shares directly; Dyer directly holds 74,379 shares; Hughes now has 35,485 shares directly; while Jacobson now directly holds 50,141 shares in the $5.63 billion market cap financial and professional services firm specializing in real estate with over 200 corporate offices worldwide and operations in more than 1,000 locations in 70 countries.
The biggest hedge fund involved in Jones Lang LaSalle Inc (NYSE:JLL) is Ariel Investments, the hedge fund run by John W. Rogers, who after an 18% decrease in activity last quarter now holds 2,080,710 shares worth approximately $246.5 million.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.