Landec Corporation (LNDC) Insider Disposes Of Over 80,000 Shares

Landec Corporation (NASDAQ:LNDC), saw one of its insiders lower their position in the company today. Director Fred Frank sold 88,464 shares at prices ranging from $12.03 to $12.22 per share. Following theses series of transactions, Frank now has a total of 104,546 shares indirectly involved with the company.
A $326.89 million market cap company, Landec Corporation (NASDAQ:LNDC) designs, develops, manufactures and sells polymer products for food and agricultural products, medical devices and licensed partner applications that incorporate Landec’s polymer technologies.
In addition, there are multiple hedge funds with substantial holdings in the company. Ariel investments, the fund run by John W. Rogers reported a 17% increase in its activity last quarter, bringing its current holdings to 2,406,902 shares worth nearly $27 million; while Nelson Obus‘ Wynnefield Capital also saw a rise in its involvement, lifting its holdings by 5% last quarter, and now holding 1,714,000 shares worth approximately $19.1 million.

Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.

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