Large China Yida Holding Co. (CNYD) Shareholder Llc Ii Investments Pope Continues To Aquire its Stock


China Yida Holding Co (NASDAQ:CNYD)’s large shareholder Llc Ii Investments Pope has recently acquired 80,500 shares of common stock at the Chinese entertainment company, at a price of about $3.2 per share.

Pope has been investing in China Yida Holding Co (NASDAQ:CNYD) for some time, and following the reported transaction owns 512,813 securities. During Q1 2014, Pope has acquired 762,607 shares at the company, at prices ranging from $1.85 to $3.28. In fact, Pope is the only insider to have procured stock at China Yida Holding Co (NASDAQ:CNYD) since 2011, when Chen Minhua acquired 84,000 securities. Pope is moreover the only insider to have sold company’s stock in the past, as during 2010 it sold 2,453 shares and 14,009 in 2013.

Glenn J. Krevlin’s Glenhill Advisors, the only hedge fund shareholder at China Yida Holding Co (NASDAQ:CNYD), has had activity buying shares in the past, but has remained inactive this quarter, with no transactions at the company registered.

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