Large Sale At NGL Energy Partners LP (NGL): John Raymond Sales 2,000,000 Shares Of Common Units John Raymond


John Raymond, director at NGL Energy Partners LP (NYSE:NGL) sold 2,000,000 shares of Common Units representing limited partner interests, at a price of $39.28 per share. It currently holds 176,634 shares, owned directly by EMG NGL HC, LLC. “Beneficial ownership of the Common Units is being reported by John T. Raymond (the “Reporting Person”) solely in his capacity as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of NGP MR GP, LLC, the general partner of NGP MR, LP, the general partner of NGP Midstream & Resources, LLC, a member holding a majority interest in EMG NGL HC,” (SEC).

This $3.54 billion Market Cap Company has witnessed active sales from other insiders as well, over the course of this year. President, Eastern Retail Op Vincent Osterman has sold during first and second quarter of 2014 a total of 35,000 shares, at prices ranging from $ 35.81 to $ 39.97 per share. Nevertheless, acquisitions haven’t been registered at NGL Energy Partners LP (NYSE:NGL) for over two years.

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