State Auto Financial Corp (STFC): More Insider Purchases


Large shareholder at State Auto Financial Corp (NASDAQ:STFC) Co Insurance Mutual Automobile State has purchased 2,700 shares of common shares without par value, at a price of $21. Following this transaction, Co Insurance Mutual Automobile State owns 25 million shares at this property and casualty insurance holding company.

The large shareholder has been procuring State Auto Financial Corp (NASDAQ:STFC) shares during the first two quarters 2014; about 11 million shares, at prices ranging from $22.88 to $20.84. State isn’t the only insider to have acquired this stock: Chairman, President, Ceo Jr P Robert Restrepo has also bought 5 million shares at prices ranging from $20.92 to $21.69 during Q1 2014, at the 870.34 Million Market Cap company. State and Restrepo have been the only insider traders during 2013 and 2014.

In addition, it seems Chuck Royce’s Royce & Associates has felt bullish about this stock as well, since it increased its activity by 4%, currently holding 535 million shares at State Auto Financial Corp (NASDAQ:STFC), worth $11 million. This stake represents 0.03% of the hedge fund’s equity portfolio. Another hedge fund feeling bullish is Roger Ibbotson’s Zebra Capital Management, which has increased its activity 259%, with 50 million shares, valued at $1 million.

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