Largest Animal Feed Companies Of The World


For non-vegan and non-vegetarian customers, the highly essential and biggest factor is quality feed which ensures that the food they are consuming contains affordable, plentiful, and healthy animal proteins. Animal feed is playing a key part in the international food industry by facilitating a sustainable level of growth of animal feed-related products globally. Without any further delay, let’s move to the 15 largest animal feed companies as listed by Insider Monkey. 

These companies are ranked on the basis of feed production per annum. As per the reports of IFIF, more than 1 billion tonnes of feed has been produced by the international feed industry on an annual basis. In 2018, the value of the animal feed industry was $400 billion which is predicted to increase by $92 billion by the year 2021 with a 4% CAGR. In this context, the first company in this list is Cargill Inc. which was founded in 1865 by William Wallace Cargill. The company is engaged in different financial, agricultural, nutritional, and industrial interests, comprising the key division of Animal Nutrition & Protein that is operating in 70 different countries with 280 branches. More than 155,000 employees are working. The animal feed volume of the company is 19,600 (x 1000 MT) and the total revenues of the company are more than $114.6 billion.

Tyson Foods is the 2nd largest company on the list which is running 32 feed mills out of which 3 are operational in India and China. The company is also the leading integrator of the world for beef, pork, and poultry. Major marketplaces for sales involve Canada, Japan, Taiwan, the Middle East, China, Central America, South Korea, Mexico, Brazil, and the European Union.  There are more than 141,000 employees working at Tyson Foods and the Animal Feed volume of the company is 10,000 (x 1000 MT). The total revenues of Tyson Foods are $43.1 billion which is making it the 2nd biggest animal feed company in the world. The 3rd top most company on the list is Nutreco N.V which is the distributor of processed meat, fish feed, and animal nutrition products. This is a Dutch company. The innovative nutritional production of Nutreco is a food source for customers worldwide. Nutreco is supplying animal nutrition solutions via Trouw Nutrition and Shrimp and fish feed via Skretting in 90 different nations of the world. There are 3 production plants of the company in Asia, 17 animal feed manufacturing facilities in the USA, and 15 production plants in Europe. There are 11,005 employees of the company and animal feed volume is 9,000 (x 1000 MT) and the revenues of the company are $28 billion. Want to know about other companies on the list? Check out 15 Largest Animal Feed Companies.

Largest Animal Feed Companies