Learn How to Prepare Drinks Without a Blender


Are you up for some drinks? Shoot, but you don’t have the equipment that the online recipe site told you to use. What know? Well, not it’s time to learn how to prepare drinks without a blender, mixer or any other pieces of equipment professional bartenders’ use.
DIY online can provide you the best ways to make your own super sweet and tasty drinks without giving away more than a half of your salary for equipment you will be using once a month or maybe even less. Think of it, did our parents and grandparents fifty years ago use blenders for everything? Ok, perhaps this isn’t a good comparison, giving the fact that time changes and if you are given the opportunity to do something easier way, why wouldn’t you?
But when it comes to mixing the drinks, especially fruits, most of the times, squeezing is enough. You can take some lemon or orange, cut it in half and squeeze all the juice into a glass, and add some other fruit the same way, or just throw some liquor in as well and, voila, you got the $14 cocktail for less than $2 in your kitchen by yourself!
You don’t want to make your hands sticky? Take a fork and make a smoothie for you and your friends. Put some berries in a bowl and press them with a fork. Continue pressing them until they become a mushy fluid by themselves. You can now add some milk, liquor, water, or whatever else you have in mind. Or whatever else online bartender told you to. Nevertheless, you will now have the opportunity to taste some of their best and most recommended drinks right from your own kitchen.
The best part of making your own drinks is that you have the insight in all the ingredients and the amount of it. Sounds interesting? Then you should try out some of the 10 best mixed drinks you can make without a blender.