LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) Senior Editor John Abell discussed effective emailing and changes happening in the 9-5 work culture of today with Betty Liu in an interview on Bloomberg Television.

The discussion comes from the LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) editor as he and Liu talked about LinkedIn industry Insight top headline highlight examples.

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According to the LinkedIn Corp (NYSE:LNKD) editor, email is the mode of communication people hate and love. He noted that though email is a great way to communicate, it can be a pain for most people. How does one effectively market either goods or services through email then? Abell pointed out one point that an article on the Industry Insight list made and that is to be targeted in what to send to people. If people spam others on email, those targets will stop listening, he said.

However, the irony can be found, he noted, in the fact that there is an incentive to spamming. He pointed out that people only succeed in selling in the fifth to twelfth outreach. There is a 10% success rate from the first to fourth outreach, he added, while that rate increases to 80% from the fifth to twelfth outreach.

Meanwhile, Abell also talked about how businesses can get the interest of millenials. He noted an article on the site’s Industry Insight list about how businesses need to realize that this group of individuals want to work as hard as businesses think they should but not in terms of time. He said that the author of the article wrote that millenials want to be judged by the impact their work makes and not the hours they work.

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