Liquid Holdings Group Inc (LIQD) Awards Directors With 3,327 Shares: Dennis Suskind and Darren Davy


Liquid Holdings Group Inc (NASDAQ:LIQD) has awarded two Directors with shares at the company. Director A Dennis Suskind was granted with 3,327 restricted stock units (“RSUs”) pursuant to the Issuer’s 2012 Amended and Restated Stock Incentive Plan, in consideration of his service as a member of Issuer’s board of directors. Following this transaction, Mr. Suskind holds 75,732 shares at this $90.38 million Market Cap Company. Director Darren Davy also received 3,327 shares of RSUs as an award in consideration of his service as a member the Board. Mr. Davy owns, after this transaction, 294,135 shares at the company.

Other insider acquisitions have taken place over the course of this year. Shareholder Douglas Allmen Von bought a large number of shares at this company during Q1 and Q2 2014. He purchased 7,105,578 shares, at prices ranging from $ 5.50 to $ 1.25 per share. Directors Victor Simone and David Francescani procured 65,000 shares and 675,000 shares respectively, at prices ranging from $ 5.50 to $ 1.58. Moreover, General Counsel JoseIbietatorremendia acquired 20,000 shares, at $ 1.26 per share; Chief Executive Officer Brian Storms, another 100,000 shares, at the same price; and Director Howard Jay Bernstein acquired 1,925,300 shares, at an average Price of $ 1.29 per share. Director Brian Ferdinand acquired 153,413 shares, at $ 5.18 per share, and the same Mr. Suskind acquired other 7,094 at a price of $ 5.50 per share during Q1 2014.

None of the important Hedge Funds we follow are engaged in activities at Liquid Holdings Group Inc (NASDAQ:LIQD).

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