Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, has warned the West that if it sets price limitations on Russian gas exports, Russia’s energy supply will become “frozen like a wolf’s tail.” Energy restrictions imposed by the West on Russia may not have the expected effect since the biggest consumer of natural resources in the world—China—continues to do business with the country. As the bulk of European nations move away from Russian oil and gas, rivals of Gazprom and other Russian energy suppliers will gain market share and value.

Insider Monkey highlighted the 10 LNG stocks to buy amid Russia-West energy wars. The Texas-based corporation Excelerate Energy, Inc. offers flexible liquefied natural gas solutions all over the world. Revenue for the company increased 223.1% year over year in the second quarter to $622.9 million, above projections by $219.4 million. TotalEnergies SE is in a good position to prosper over the long term due to the European energy crisis. Amid the energy conflicts between Russia and the West, this makes it one of the finest LNG stocks to purchase. A 20% potential rise in dividends and share repurchases is predicted by a Citi analyst. Amid the energy conflicts between Russia and the West, Tellurian Inc. is one of the top LNG companies to purchase. A public offering of senior secured notes and warrants due in 2027 was launched by the business. The Driftwood liquefied natural gas export project in Louisiana will be built with the money raised. In comparison to the same period previous year, Golar LNG Limited’s YTD net income increased by 16% to $575.2 million from $496.8 million. Contractual debt for the second quarter decreased from $1.7 billion at the end of the first quarter to roughly $1 billion now. Sempra maintained its prior quarterly dividend rate of $1.145 per share. On September 13, the business distributed a dividend yield of 2.61%. The LNG segment of Sempra builds and finances the infrastructure and facilities for liquefied natural gas. For more details, click 10 LNG Stocks To Buy Amid Russia-West Energy Wars.