The logo is very important part of every company, as it is the first thing everyone notice and remember the company of. But sometimes, logos or even brand names have to be changed for many different reasons. But what happens with logos that look even worse after the redesign?

First of all, let’s talk about the needed brand changes. No matter if it is the change of the name or the logo, it comes a time when companies have to make some updates in order to stay on the top or even upgrade themselves. Sometimes, it is the simplest way to run away from the bad publicity or just attract more customers. But the problem occurs when the change is even worse than the original idea. Let’s take Pepsi as an example. The production started under the name ’’Brad’s drink’’, which is not that appealing and obviously, didn’t attract many customers no matter how the soda was good. Not that long after the change of the name, the sale has enormously increased and it remained by now. But, what would happen if the name remained the same? Well, the company would probably fall apart within a few years or even less.  This also happens with the logos. Let’s take a look at the MasterCard design from a few years back ’till now. At the beginning, it looked like MasterCard, Inc owners made a bigger effort to make the perfect logo than the perfect service. But it didn’t matter, as people were so in love with it and in a meantime, even the service was improved so everyone made it clear that MasterCard made its point and will remain one of the top brands ever. Because of the outdating, every company has to make a change from time to time, but the point is to update yourself. The problem appeared when MasterCard obviously misunderstood the whole idea of updating, and now its logo looks more like an unfinished job, than the leading financial institution. But maybe it is the abstract art, I am not an expert. Check out by yourself, as people are still doing double-takes at these terribly designed logos.