Mach Mania: The 10 Fastest Jets in the World


It is truly amazing what we have achieved in a very short span of time in terms of flying a heavier than air aircraft. It has hardly been over a hundred years when the Wright brothers first took to the skies with their powered flying machine. Today we have basically mastered the mechanics of terrestrial flight. The Wright brothers conducted their experiments in between 1899 to 1905 and the resulting aircraft could hardly stay off the ground for a few minutes, now in present times our flying machines have achieved the ability to fly faster than the speed of sound itself. And some fighter jets can even go far beyond that with ease.

The conventional units of seed such as kilometers per hour or miles per hour are just not adequate enough to measure the speed of modern jet aircrafts. To measure the speeds of jet aricrafts we use “Mach” it is equivalent of the speed of sound. 1 Mach refers to 1225 km/h, or 761.2 mph roughly.

Do you want to know, actually how fast the worlds fastest aircrafts can go, I can assure you, even thinking about the numbers will make you a bit dizzy. To read more on this subject, please visit Mach Mania: The 10 Fastest Jets in the World. The list contains the fastest jet aircrafts in ascending order.