Member Of Owner Group at Tredegar Corporation (TG), Floyd Gottwald Purchased 2,611 Shares


One of the members of 10% owner group at Tredegar Corporation (NYSE:TG), Jr D Floyd Gottwald recently acquired 2,611 shares of common stock, at a price of $20.75 per share. Mr. Gottwald has made several purchases over the last reported quarter, procuring 11,760 shares at prices ranging from $20.75 to $20.00, per share. Following the reported transaction, Mr. Gottwald now beneficially owns more than 2 million shares at this $679 million Market Cap Company.

In addition, two important hedge funds have engaged in activity the last reported quarter: Martin Whitman’s Third Avenue Management, and David S. Winter and David J. Millstone’s 40 North Management. These funds are currently holding 584,359 shares, valued at more than $13 million, and accounting for 0.26% of the fund’s Equity Portfolio, and 28,246 shares, worth $650 million, representing 0.06% of the Equity Portfolio respectively. Another hedge fund feeling bullish about Tredegar Corporation (NYSE:TG), is Roger Ibbotson’s Zebra Capital Management, who increased its stake by 190% over the last reported quarter, currently holding 24,060 shares, worth more than $500 million.

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