M/I Homes Inc (MHO), American Capital Ltd. (ACAS), Dominion Diamond Corp (DDC): Gratia Capital’s Top Stock Picks


Gratia Capital, LLC has released its quarterly 13F report. We will take a brief look at its top three positions and compare them to the last quarterly report of the fund manager in order to analyze the investment changes and trends. Gratia Capital has best positions on M/I Homes Inc (NYSE:MHO), American Capital Ltd. (NASDAQ:ACAS) and Dominion Diamond Corp (TSE:DDC).

The biggest position in Gratia Capital is M/I Homes Inc (NYSE:MHO). The fund owns 574,507 shares of the construction company worth around $11 million. Last quarter, Gratia Capital reported owing 124,342 shares of M/I Homes Inc (NYSE:MHO) worth $3 million. This shows the significant increase in investment by the fund manager in the Home building company. Among other top shareholders of M/I Homes Inc (NYSE:MHO) include Paul Tudor’s Tudor Investment Corporation and Israel Englander’s Millennium Management.  M/I Homes Inc (NYSE:MHO) recorded its last purchase back in 2012. In August this year, Thomas Mason sold M/I Homes Inc (NYSE:MHO) stock at $22.71 per share.

American Capital Ltd. (NASDAQ:ACAS) is the second biggest position in Gratia Capital.  Gratia owns 782,115 shares of the company worth $11 million. Last quarter, Gratia had 319,878 shares of the equity firm which worth around $4 million. Hence, the firm has depleted its investment in the equity firm over the time. Emanuel J. Friedman’s EJF Capital and Anthony Bozza’s Lakewood Capital Management are are the shareholders of American Capital Ltd. (NASDAQ:ACAS). The company recorded its last purchase back in 2013. Brian Graff sold American Capital Ltd. (NASDAQ:ACAS) stock earlier this month at $16 per share.

The third best position held by Gratia is Dominion Diamond Corp (TSE:DDC). The firm has 717,782 shares of the company worth around $10 million. In the last quarter, Gratia Capital had 569, 55 shares of Dominion Diamond Corp (TSE:DDC), which worth around $8 million. This means the capital firm had increased its holding in the mining company by around $2 million. Among other shareholders of Dominion capital include Wells Fargo and UBS AG.

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