Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Unveils the New MSN


Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has recently come up with a preview of the new MSN. The software company is trying hard to make its presence felt in the world where internet giants call the shot. Even though MSN and Bing haven’t met with the success that the company expected from them, Microsoft is constantly trying to improve on them, in the hope that it will catch users fancy some day. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) published a post on its official blog recently, in which it revealed the features that the new MSN comes with. Taking serious note of the strategy prescribed by its current CEO, here too Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) emphasized on how it built MSN from the ground up for a ‘mobile-first, cloud-first’ world.

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The first major change is the design; the website has improved on its design and looks clutter free. Additionally, it now gives users an option to select the categories and interest, so that the content that gets displayed to them is of their choice. Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) also revealed that in the coming months it will release a suite of MSN apps across iOS and Android, which will allow users to set their favorites in Microsoft services  once and they will find it preset in all the device they use.

On top of the website, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has come up with, what it calls the ‘Service Stripe’, which is basically a collection of quick access to various types of services including Facebook, Twitter, email, One Drive, Office 365 and others. Microsoft also revealed that it has partnered with numerous media outlets to deliver the best content across various categories of MSN. One impressive feature that Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) highlighted is that customers can convert the ingredients of a dish that they find on MSN Food & Drink into a shopping list that will roam on their phones in just one click.

As of June 30,2014, Jeffrey Ubben‘s Valueact Capital owns over 74 million shares in Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT).

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