Microsoft Corporation (MSFT): Will Surface Pro 3 Be a Hit?


Mr. Cesar Cernuda, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT)’s Asia-Pacific President, was interviewed by Haslinda Amin on Bloomberg TV. The main subject was the fresh release of the company’s new Surface Pro 3 tablet.

MicrosoftCorporation MSFT

A 12-inch display, a promised nine hours of battery life and a fourth generation Intel Processor (i3, i5, i7) combine to give us the new hybrid laptop-tablet. This device intends to ease the process of working in the office and at home, also it might ease a bit the burden on one’s shoulders due to its relative light weight of 1.76 lbs/800 grams.

“[…] We just finished a study of 3,000 people, information workers, here in Asia-Pacific. We analyzed how they use the devices. 50% of them are deskless – they don’t need a desktop computer in their office, 41% do carry at all time with them a tablet and a laptop and 80% have at least three devices on them[…]”, presented Mr. Cesar Cernuda.

Apparently, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) aims at creating a new niche in the IT sphere, creating a pseudo mini-laptop that in fact is a tablet with a pen and a keyboard. The company intends to help out those 41% that struggle with the inconvenience of carrying the two devices separately with them. It is also considered to be financially more acceptable for both businesses and workers, but whether $799 will be an acceptable price for the comfort of having only one device remains a mystery.

Also, there is no guarantee that those already having a couple of devices with them all the time are actually willing  to spend some more money and keep their laptop and tablet as junk pieces of technology. Notwithstanding the facts above, a future prospect where devices get better and lighter is always a good thing. Besides, this new invention is capable of combining work apps and leisure/home apps so that there is no need to always switch devices when multitasking.

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