Military Heavyweights: The 10 Countries with the Most Tanks


The technology with which wars are fought and won have changed many times, but the principles are still there. The importance of a military unit that can withstand tremendous punishment and also is mobile enough to engage the enemy at its will is visible throughout human history. In the medieval times the knights on horse backs filled this role. And in todays modern battlefields the tanks do the same job as the knights once did. The modern tanks are a marvel of modern technology and human ingenuity. They provide a balance of protection, mobility and firepower to the crew. The importance of tanks on the battlefield was first displayed in the first world war to break by the British army, when the deployed the first modern tanks to achieve a breakthrough against dug in enemy infantry. In the second world war the Germans expanded upon the idea and used armored vehicles in conjunction with aircrafts to achieve swift victories.

Back in the early days of second world war, only a handful of nations had tanks in their arsenal. But now every modern army has tanks. Today we will be making a list of countries that has the most number of tanks available. If you are interested to know about these countries and the number of tanks at their disposal, please visit the link Military Heavyweights: The 10 Countries with the Most Tanks.