Mind Over Matter Quotes, Techniques, and Philosophies


Do you also have one of those books filled with quotes, some said by some famous, worldwide considered over-intelligent people, and others that are spread through generations and no one knows who the original author was? What are your favorite mind over matter quotes, techniques, and philosophies from these collections? Stick with us while we reveal the 25 that we found most useful so far.

Even though they sound so simple, these quotes are so deep and bring powerful messages that should lead you through your life. It is amazing what our mind can do to improve our body just by believing or convincing ourselves to believe in something great. Many placebo studies showed that the only thing that set us apart from being healthy and happy is our brain. How so? Scientists took some patients into a trial and give the half of them the real medication and the half of the patients only got the placebos as some candies or vitamins. After a few weeks, both groups showed the improvements. Not because vitamins and candies worked the same way as medications, but because patients truly believed that they are getting the special treatment that will cure their diseases. Their brains started to function better and aimed into healing, which was after a while noticed on both patient’s looks and scans and blood results. When scientists decided to reveal the truth to several patients, their conditions started getting worse and worse each day, until one day it resulted in death.

As you can see, there are many basic functions of the brain we are already familiar with, but there are even more undiscovered branches that are waiting to be found and researched. Unfortunately, we are not scientists. But we can help you improve your life at least with some of 25 mind over matter quotes, techniques and philosophies we gathered so far.