10 Monthly Dividend Stocks with Highest Yields

According to Janus Henderson Group, US dividends achieved their all-time high in the second quarter of 2022, totaling $144.4 billion. The report also stated that throughout the quarter, 94% of the index’s businesses increased or maintained their dividends. Since 1945, dividends have contributed 33% of the S&P 500’s overall performance. Investors have historically been safeguarded by dividend stocks during financial crises. The performance of this year’s investments has demonstrated that dividend stocks are gaining favor with investors and are a good hedge against volatile markets.

According to Todd Rosenbluth of VettaFi, businesses that offer above-average yields fare better in uncertain economic times. One of the most crucial characteristics of dividend investments is high yield. Companies that continue to increase their dividends outperform their peers in navigating choppy market situations.

Insider Monkey highlighted 10 monthly dividend stocks with the highest yields. A statutory trust with its headquarters in Texas, PermRock Royalty Trust, has properties that primarily produce oil and natural gas in the Permian Basin. In contrast to Coca-Cola Business, PepsiCo, and Johnson & Johnson, the company suspended its payouts for five months in 2020 in acknowledgement of the epidemic. A real estate investment trust with its headquarters in Virginia, Dynex Capital, Inc., makes leveraged investments in mortgage loans and securities. The company’s shareholder equity rose to $842.4 million from the previous quarter, a 7% gain. A commonly held fixed investment trust with no mortgages is called San Juan Basin Royalty Trust. Over the last five years, the company has increased its dividends at a CAGR of 16.17%. The stock’s yield as of September 14 is 10.66%. Business development firm SLR Investment Corp. is based in New York. It had cash and cash equivalents of $348.8 million in the first half of the year, up from $320 million at the end of December. Oxford Square Capital Corp. is a business development and investment management firm based in Connecticut. As of September 14, the firm paid a monthly dividend of $0.035 per share, giving its shares a yield of 11.17%. For more details, click 10 Monthly Dividend Stocks With Highest Yields.