Most Expensive Apartments in New York City


Recently the most expensive apartment/penthouse sold in New York city went for 100.5 million us dollars. Which was located at One57. This basically sets the premise for what you can expect from this article. Yes, today we will be taking a look at New York’s most expensive apartments. As we all know New York has way too many rich people living in it, thus the demand for expensive (even by the millionaire standards) apartments is on the rise. Even through the recession, the real estate business has been growing steadily. However, sales of such enormous scale are not that frequent, but they do take place every now and then. Investing in real estate is a good idea if you have a fat stack of idle cash, because no matter what, real estate pretty much always appreciates in value over time. People living in New York know all too well how difficult it is to find proper accommodations, and those who wish to live it big, must also possess a fitting cheque book to balance things out.

If you happen to be interested in expensive apartments in New York, then you my friend have come to the right place. For people like yourself, we have compiled a list of  Most Expensive Apartments in New York City. The list contains apartments that are still up for sale, if money is not a problem then do go through the article, you might find what you have been looking for all along.