Most Expensive Brunch in New York City


The very idea behind brunch is fun, there is nothing like waking up late on a Sunday and then treating yourself to a delicious brunch. There is just something awesome about every Sunday, being the weekly holiday it commands great laziness at least for the most of us. Thus the late waking up part, also it would be totally understandable if you had a few extra drinks on a Saturday night hangout. So, I highly doubt anyone would oppose the idea of having a brunch on a Sunday. Let’s talk a little bit about the history of this wonderful concept of brunch. The concept of brunch actually originated in England during the late eighteen hundreds served in a buffet manner, and soon after, around early nineteen hundreds it made its way into the United States and became an instant success.

Since you have been reading through the article for this long, it is safe to assume you are rather into brunch. So, to realize your dream brunch experience, we can offer you some assistance. At insider monkey’s blog page, we have come up with a list of Most Expensive Brunch in New York City, as the name suggests the brunch options listed here will be a little bit on the pricey side of things. However, from what we understand if you can manage the associated sum, you are better off having brunch in any of these restaurants than some other place.