Most Expensive Concert Stages


Perhaps music is the most ancient passion of humankind. The origin of music is almost as old as humankind itself. Upon excavating the earliest of settlements of humans, archaeologists have found remnants of artifacts that were used for producing music. Though in construction they are rather rudimentary, but they did produce the most ancient form of music. Most notable of such artifacts are the bone and wooden flutes. Alongside humankind, music has been evolving as well. In today’s society, rock stars are perhaps even more influential than religious and political leaders.

Though most music today comes in a recorded form, but conforming to the traditions, sometimes music superstars do perform live. And these concerts are massive crowd magnets. These performances not only entertain the audience with music, but provides entertainment as a combination of music and atmosphere. And building the atmosphere usually falls into the hands of best structural and architectural designers there are. The stage upon which the stars perform itself is usually a work of art thus comes the atmosphere. This has become a tradition for pop and rock music stars to build extravagant and boastful stages, which are anything but a pedestal.

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