Most Expensive Horses in the World


Horses are extremely loyal creatures, but today’s horses are primarily used for racing purposes. Horse racing is a popular sport all over the world. And horse racing is also considered as a past time for the rich and famous, since high stake betting is often associated with racing. A good horse can make a lot of people a lot of money, horse riding, rodeo, show jumping, horses are used to perform a lot of modern day entertainment. Besides sports, horse breeding is a very rewarding business venture when done well. However, critics are not far away any animal related sports, a lot of allegations regarding mistreatment of horses and abuse plague the industry. The good news is, the sports and culture of it is perceived as a civilized one by most societies. Judging by the amount of money involved, it can easily be concluded that the sports is perhaps the most luxurious and expensive of the world. A good race horse can easily set you back multi million dollars. However, not all race horses live up to the expectations.

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