Most Expensive Hotel Suites in Vegas


Vegas, also formally known as the city of Las Vegas is known throughout the world as the entertainment capital of the planet. It is home to the a lot of mega casino–hotels and associated entertainment. Naturally a huge tourist population is always present at Vegas, and not just from outside of the United States, people from all around the globe visit Vegas on a regular basis. Naturally to meet up with the demand many AAA Five Diamond hotels have opened establishments in Vegas, and if you go counting, we can see that the city is home to more AAA Five Diamond hotels than anywhere else in the world and is a global leader in the hospitality industry.

If you are planning a pleasure visit to Las Vegas soon, then this article might help you make the most of your trip there. There are expensive hotel suites, and then there are expensive hotel suites in Las Vegas, and hotel suites in Vegas are completely in a different level than any other place in the world. If money is not an object to you then you might want to check out the list of Most Expensive Hotel Suites in Vegas, just click on the link to access the full article. Since you are heading down to Vegas on a well deserved trip at last, holding back should not be an option.