Over the years New Your has become quite the city for tasting world class cuisine. That is because New York has become home to some of the best chefs of the world today. If you want, you can easily find high end restaurants of any specific cuisine. But today lets just stick to Japanese foods.Japanese cuisine or more formally known as (和食,washoku) is full foods that will please even the most seasoned of tasters with is unique seasonal and regional menus full of diversity and gastronomical delight. Usually the base of Japanese food is rice with miso soup, and a married of side dishes consisting of fish and seasonal vegetables, cooked and served in a way unique to Japan. Fish is also served raw as sushi or sashimi. Some traditional Japanese restaurants are equipped with Tatami floors and low tables, that offer a unique experience of enjoying the food, which date back thousands of years. Like French cuisine, Japanese cuisine is praised all over the world because, to the Japanese preparing food is nothing short of preparing a work of art. And the styles and techniques have been indexed, codified and perfected over many years.

If you are a New Yorker, then you probably are a  foodie as well. And if you have some extra cash to spare, then the list that I am about to link here will most definitely interest you. At insider monkey’s blog page we have put together a list of Most Expensive Japanese Restaurant In New York City. Just click on the link to access to full article.