Most Expensive Kosher Wine in the World


Well, wine needs to introduction, but the word “kosher” originates from the Hebrew term “kashér” meaning “fit”. It basically refers to a governing method that ensures food, in this case the wine conforms to the regulations of kashrut or Jewish dietary laws. What makes the kosher wine special is that, from the crushing of grapes to bottling of the wine a sabbath observant Jew supervises and handles the entire process. Also any ingredients used in the process must also be kosher. Identifying whether the wine is kosher or not can be a hard job only by tasting it, but this can easily be done by looking at the label. It is obligatory for any kosher wine producer to obtain the seal of approval or the hechsher from the kosher certification agency, or of an authoritative rabbi who is preferably also a posek (“decisor” of Jewish law). Not every wine bottle will come with that. But there is a problem with kosher wines, they are rather hard to mass produce, due to the very specific and meticulous regulations governing the entire process.

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