Studies show that men tend to be less “neurotic” when compared to women about shoes to wear. However, that does not mean men do not have a splurge for special brands and expensive shoes. That being said, the options available to men in terms of shoes is rather limited than women. But there are brands successfully operating in the men’s shoe market for many years by holding men’s interest with their wonderful and appealing designs, that do not only boast aesthetics but also appeals to the masculine instinct. Leather is probably one of the first materials, mankind used to make a shoe out of. In par with development of humankind, leather shoes have come a long way too. Footwear throughout the history of humankind have changed in shape and form many times, today a pair of shoes is not just the means of protecting one’s feet from the elements but rather it is an expression of one’s sense of fashion. There are many world famous brands producing excellent leather shoes for men.

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