Most Expensive NFTs In The World


There is a growing demand for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) in the sector. There has also been an increase in investment in NFT-focused companies, as well. At a funding round in January, OpenSea was valued at more than $13 billion. According to hedge funds, Visa, NIKE, and eBay are among the best NFT stocks to invest in. Market tracker DappRadar estimates that NFT sales will hit $25 billion in 2021. The amount of money pledged by countries at COP26 is about the same as the amount of money that has been sold.

Insider Monkey picked the 10 most expensive NFTs in the world. For $6 million worth of Ether, the artwork was sold in November 2021. jPeggyGiffenheim is the current owner of the NFT. Nearly $4 million was paid for another XCopy NFT recently. American digital artist Mike Winkelmann, aka Beeple, created Crossroads, an NFT. The NFT takes the form of a video and shows a reaction to the upcoming 2020 US Presidential election. Nifty Gateway, an online cryptocurrency marketplace, sold it for $6.6 million in February 2021. Peruggia-veth, a user on the social media platform Reddit, is the proud owner of CryptoPunk #7804. In the past, Dylan Field, CEO of Figma, owned the NFT. It has a picture of a blue alien with a pipe and a hat on it. One day after the sale of CryptoPunk #7804, NFT #3100, a “blue alien,” was also sold. An important shareholder in Takung Art Co. Ltd. is New York-based Sabby Capital, which holds 576,729 shares worth more than $2.3 million. For a price of just under $12 million, the third rarest character in the CryptoPunk series was sold. Sotheby’s, the renowned auction house, offered it for sale as part of an online auction featuring 27 artists’ works. For more details, click 10 Most Expensive NFTs In The World.

10 Most Expensive NFTs in the World