Most Expensive Pizza in New York City


New York is a haven for foodies. If you happen to live in New York, you have got the world famous cuisines to try out. In recent years New York has become the home of many famous chefs around the world. Resulting in the plethora of restaurants where one can satisfy his/her palate with cuisines from all over the globe. French, Japanese, Thai, Chinese you name it, and you can find a place that specializes in it. Let’s talk about fast food, like America other countries also specializes in fast food, especially pizza comes to mind. We all know and love pizza, the flat bread baked with cheese and tomatoes and topped with assorted meats and vegetables, delicious isn’t it. It is also quite healthy, because of its high vegetable contents. In my opinion the only thing that can rival the burger is in fact a good pizza. But what I described was the most basic form of pizza. Because pizza allows for adding toppings of all kinds, the taste and theme of pizza can vary wildly. This freedom of ingredients has given birth to some of the most exotic and expensive fast food there is.

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