Rum is something that have been long unappreciated by the elites of the society. Perhaps its origins may have something to do with it, because rum was popularized by the pirates who roamed the seas near the Caribbean centuries ago. But the drink has nothing to do with piracy. In fact, it is quite a potent alcoholic beverage, distilled from sugarcane byproducts such as molasses or directly from sugarcane juice through processes know asĀ  fermentation and distillation. Though the high society turned a blind eye toward rum, and opted for Cognac or Scotch as expensive drinks, but things have since been changed. The rum has gained its fair share of popularity in recent years, and which should be no surprise to anyone given its strength and unique flavor. And thus came arose the need for premium rum brands which can easily sit at the top shelf with pride along side its other spirit counterparts.

Like most hard drinks rum can be had in many ways, but a few most common drinks made from rum are, the pina colada and rum tiki. Whatever your taste may be, if you like drinking your rum, then reading about some of the Most Expensive Rum Brands in the World, will definitely get your mouth watering.

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