Most Expensive Seafood in the World


God has bestowed many great conveniences upon us. And perhaps the greatest of them all is food. Food has the ability to bring people together like nothing else. Food is not merely what is consume any more, it has become the very definition of cultures. Some even consider cooking as a form of art. There are many kinds of food for us to enjoy, but let us focus on sea food for this article. Seafood are just amazing, they contain every possible food element for us to live a healthy life. They are high in fatty acids and heart healthy omega 3. Most seafood are high protein but low fat compared to red meat.

But not all of us can eat seafood on a regular basis. One reason being, that some stomachs are just not equipped to handle seafood well. Also seafood tends to be on the expensive side in the menu, meaning affordability is a valid argument as well. For those who can afford it, seafood is a delight. Even seafood with high fat, offers great amount of heart healthy omega 3s.

If you are a foodie, looking for a great and exotic seafood experience, then the article that I am about to link here might be just what you need. The article lists Most Expensive Seafood in The World. Regardless whether you can afford such luxury or not the article makes for a great read.