Summer camps provide the unique experience that every kid has the right to. For the most of us, summer camp brings back memories of swimming, bonfires, adventure and s’mores. Though some kids may resist the thought of going to a summer camp, but I think as parents we should encourage them to¬† visit a summer camp at least once. At the end of June when the final school bell rings, the summer camping season begins. Summer camps are all about creating friends and enjoying life as a like minded community gathered to have simple fun, and make strong bonds in the process. A good summer camp can provide quite a lot of life lessons for a kid. These lessons may prove invaluable in later life, such as teamwork, sharing, and valuing one’s friendship. But things have changed, nowadays there are summer camps that offer much more than just the regular activities. And given our present social structure, activities based on computers and modern arts fits right in. However, sending your kids to such a summer camp can cost a little bit higher than just a regular summer camp. But, if you can afford to send off your kids to a good summer camp, it is better to do so. After all, the best time of a person’s life is childhood.

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