Most Expensive Tasting Menu in New York City


New York is highly regarded as one of the best cities to explore international cuisine. The primary reason for this is that, many renowned chefs have made New York their home. There are world class restaurants all over New York, run and operated by world class culinary superstars. For any foodie New York can become the place where his/her gastronomical dreams may come true. However, there is a catch, to dine in some of the finest restaurants you have to dish out quite a bit of cash, but it is safe to assume that the investment would be justified and equally rewarding. But as things are, the cost can easily put some people off.

Let’s assume you are ok with the cost, now comes the question of what and where to eat. For that I believe I can assist you. In the recent decades 2000s and 2010s the tasting menus have been gaining popularity. The restaurant tasting menu offers a small portion of multiple dishes as a single meal. By going for a tasting menu, you can actually the maximum number of dishes with relatively low cost. It will also allow you to form an opinion on items you would like to have in greater quantities in the future.

If you are interested in learning about Most Expensive Tasting Menu in New York City, then just click on the link to access the full article on this topic. If you can manage the cost, tasting menus are the way to go, at least when you are eating at a spot for the first time.