Most Expensive Xbox Games


In the entertainment industry, video games have established themselves as the most dominant force. There are millions of dedicated gamers all around the world, who use multiple platforms to access their favorite games. Today we will be focusing on a revolutionary video game console, the xbox. The xbox was released by Microsoft, the software developing company, all of us have come to know and love. Most personal computers today run on the Microsoft developed operating system “The Windows”. Prior to the popularity of the smartphones, there were two primary media through which one could play video games at home, instead of going to the arcades, either the personal computer or the video game console. To capitalize its prowess on software development and then capture the  then booming video game console market, Microsoft decided to enter into the competition with its flagship video game console, the xbox in 2001. And saw great success.

Over the years Microsoft has released many other consoles, but as its first video game console, the xbox still remains as a popular collectors item among video game enthusiasts. At the time of the xbox’s discontinuation, there were roughly  a thousand game titles available for it. And collectors also started collecting games for the system as well.

If you wish to know the most expensive games available today for this system, please click the following link to Most Expensive Xbox Games. As the games are no longer in production, the rarity of the games make them quite the bit expensive. Also some games are playable on the newer xbox 360, which is another reason for the hike in price for games.