MVC Capital Inc (MVC): Goldstein’s Latest Acquisition


Philip Goldstein, Director at MVC Capital Inc (NYSE:MVC) disclosed today the acquisition of 17,340 shares of common stock through two separate transactions on March 14 and April 24, 2014. The first operation involved 500 shares at a unit price of $13.5, while the remaining 16,840 shares were paid $13.1738 each. Mr. Goldstein has now reached sixteen purchases this year, and now indirectly owns 971,301 shares and an additional 45,750 directly.

Robert C. Knapp, Director at MVC Capital Inc (NYSE:MVC) has also been trading the stock this year. Mr. Knapp completed seventeen acquisitions so far, for a total of 392,093 shares at unit prices ranging from $10.98 to $14.25.

Phillip Goldstein, Andrew Dakos and Steven Samuels’ Bulldog Investors is the largest shareholding institution (amongst those we track) at MVC Capital Inc (NYSE:MVC) with 1,412,685 shares, valued at an estimate $18.3 million, after reporting a 10% holding increment for the second filling period of 2014.

MVC Capital Inc (NYSE:MVC) provides equity and debt investment capital to fund growth, acquisitions and recapitalizations of small and middle-market companies in a variety of industries primarily located in the United States.

Disclosure: The author, Jodor Jalit, holds no position in any stocks or funds mentioned.

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