National Instruments Corp (NATI) Insider Lowers Position By 4,000 Shares

National Instruments Corp (NASDAQ:NATI), saw an insider lower their exposure to the company through a series of transactions that began earlier this week and were officially executed today, August 27th. Director Jeffrey L. Kodosky disposed of 4,000 shares of common stock through four separate transactions of 1,000 shares each, at average prices of $32.95 per share. Following this move, Kodosky still holds a total of 405,826 shares directly, while having 907,181 shares invested in the company indirectly. Moreover, a $4.21 billion market cap company, National Instruments Corp (NASDAQ:NATI)  is engaged in designing, manufacturing and selling tools to engineers and scientists. These industries consist of a diverse market for design, control and test applications.
In addition, Billionaire Chuck Royce is betting on this company this quarter. His hedge fund, Royce & Associates, reported a 1% increase in its activity last quarter, now holding about 6 million shares worth approximately $195.8 million.
Disclosure: The author, Daniel Forstein, holds no positions in any stocks mentioned.
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