Net-A-Porter Collaborates with Google Inc (GOOGL) to sell ‘Google Glass’


Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) started developing their product named ‘Google Glass’ and tested the prototype in 2012. After a successful testing, Google has launched this wearable device with a price tag of $1,500. Even with the brand name, Google could not sell too many Google Glasses.

Net-A-Porter is a luxury fashion retailer, which sells designer brand products through their website. Net-A-Porter has taken the responsibility of marketing ‘Google Glass’. President of Net-A-Porter, Alison Leohnis discusses the collaboration with Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) on Bloomberg TV.


Leohnis said that she had the first glance of ‘Google Glass’ at the ‘Diane’s Show’ in 2013 and was attracted instantly at the mixture of fashion and technology in it. She thinks that this collaboration between fashion and technology is the core of Net-A-Porter’s business.

Leohnis added that the Net-A-Porter’s customers are early adopters of new technology and are always on the lookout for simplifying life through technology.

“[…] In terms of Glass, we were incredibly excited about the new design development, but also about what it could do for the customer,” she said.

Mark Sebba recently retired from his position as CEO of Net-A-Porter. Leohnis said that the new CEO might be named in a couple of months. She said that they currently have three warehouses around the globe at New Jersey, Hong Kong and London and these warehouses deliver products globally to 172 countries. She pointed out that their plan is to focus on core markets with main emphasis in the US.

Net-A-Porter currently deals with luxury products and prices at which these products are sold, are not affordable by everyone. By reducing the price tag, they could cater to a broader customer base. But Leohnis feels that they already cater to a broader customer base through a variety of products. She pointed out the introduction of beauty products about a year ago, which received a huge reception from the customers. She talked about the launch of Net-A-Sporter to sell specialty sports products.

“[…] Net-A-Sporter, which we launched last month, which is going terrifically well and for us, we are incredibly excited to launch this, because we identified a gap in the market. There are so many brands and retailers offering fabulous specialty sports, but there wasn’t a go to destination for amazing techno products that also looked incredibly stylish,” she added.

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