New Stock Picks Of Billionaire Stephen Mandel


Stephen Mandel, a billionaire, founded Lone Pine Capital in 1997. Until 2019, Mandel served as president and portfolio manager of the hedge fund. Mandel is the managing director of the Connecticut-based hedge fund Lone Pine Capital, even though he is not actively involved in the investment management of that fund. In the third quarter, Lone Pine Capital bought six new stocks, increased its stake in ten others, and reduced its holdings in three others. During the third quarter of 2021, the fund’s top investments were Twitter, Bilibili, and Workday.

Insider Monkey highlights 8 new stock picks of billionaire Stephen Mandel. Capitalist Lone Pine Capital purchased six new stocks, increased its stake in ten others, and reduced its holdings in three others during the third quarter of 2018. Investors in the fund’s Q3 2021 portfolio bought large stakes in the following companies: Twitter, Bilibili, and Workday. Lone Pine Capital has recently added Marqeta, Inc. to its holdings. The hedge fund invested $57.9 million in the company by purchasing 2.62 million shares for $2.62 each. Paycast has received strategic funding from Marqeta as well. Chinese IT company NetEase, Inc. provides online games, email services, and e-commerce platforms. The company’s revenue grew by 22.40% year-over-year to $3.47 billion in the period. This quarter, Lone Pine Capital acquired Amplitude, Inc., one of its latest acquisitions. With an investment of $88.4 million, the hedge fund purchased 1.62 million Amplitude shares, or 0.29 percent of all third-quarter investments. Using VTEX’s e-commerce platform, brands can reach customers in a variety of ways. As of the end of September, Lone Pine Capital’s Q3 holdings comprised 5.2 million shares worth $108.5 million, or 0.36 percent of the total. For more details, click 8 New Stock Picks Of Billionaire Stephen Mandel.